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After 17 years, Toyota finally found the North American Detroit Auto Show to bring the 5th generation A90 GR Supra to the global fans.

The new GR Supra has a total length of 4,380mm (TOYOTA 86 full length 4,240mm), while the wheelbase is shorter than TOYOTA 86 100mm, 2,470mm. However, with the new frame technology (using a large amount of high-strength steel), the GR Supra body will be TOYOTA 86 2.5 times more rigid (the LFA), and the center of gravity will be lower than the level of the opposite engine.


Still using front engine, rear wheel drive GR Supra, the front and rear weight distribution is perfect 50:50, and in order to get the driver's best handling performance, the front suspension is MacPherson strut, while the rear using multi-link suspension system Specially designed (Double-joint spring-strut front axle), some models will use Adaptive Variable Suspension, electronic differential, 19" forged alloy wheel with Brembo 4-pot barke system with 13.7" barke disc.

Supra has the strongest power in all generations. When it comes to the new generation of GR Supra, the new car will have two kind of engine, and the two engines are all produced by BMW, including the top RZ version with 340 x 3.0 L6 turbo, SZ-R SZ uses horsepower 258 horsepower, 197 horsepower 2.0 L4 turbo. The new GR Supra will only use the 8-speed automatic gearbox. The three versions of the 0-100km/h acceleration are 4.3 seconds, 5.2 seconds and 6.5 seconds respectively. . Interior Design

New Dashboard Design

The Premium version will use a leather electric bucket stool with a warm and cold air function.

BMW's 3.0 L6 turbo engine with a maximum horsepower output of 340


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